The author in a P-47 of the 525th Fighter Squadron, 86th Fighter Group, over Germany's
Rhine River just after VE-day. A collection of combat gun camera film by this group is used  
as  prime explanation and evidence to show what strafing was like. (Photo. 86th Ftr. Gp.)
These pilots were featured in a World War II European Theater news release published in
numerous home front newspapers in April 1945. The origional caption reads in part: "USAAF
Fighter-Bomber Base, France--Uncle Sam holds a hand of six aces that are hard to beat--a
sextet of P-47 pilots whose combat missions total exactly 1,000. Left to right: Captain Jesse
R.Core, Little Rock, Ark., 126 missions: Major William B. Colgan, Waycross, Ga., 195 missions:
Lt.Col. George T. Lee, Norwood, Mass. 245 missions: Captain Bushnell N. Welch, Wellesley,
Mass.,189 missions: Captain Walter C. Taylor, Newark, N.J., 119 missions: Not in the
photograph: Major John R. Dolny, Minneapollis, Minn., 126 missions. Add them up. Total
1,000." These men held top command and operational positions in the 86th Fighter Group and
continued to fly combat missions, almost all strafing, until the war's end in Europe, with final top
theater totals of Lee's 258 and Colgan's 208. Captain Taylor was killed in action on his 126th
mission. Most of the gun camera film in this book is from missions flown by these and other
pilots of the 86th. Please View "Gun Camera Film" pages 1-4
             Allied Strafing in World War II                      Colgan        
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Chapter 1   A Salute to the Pioneers: World War I                                  *
Special Note*:

Chapter 2   Pearl Harbor: World War II                                     Readers may want to be alert for

Chapter 3   Behind the Gun Sight -- Gunnery                            how often these characteristics

Chapter 4   Behind the Gun Sight -- Strafing                        of strafing appear in combat action.

Chapter 5   Gunfights -- Enemy Air Forces                                               

Chapter 6   End of the Luftwaffe                                                   
*Each pilot his own General

Chapter 7   Gunfights -- Enemy Support Forces                        
*Ace in the hole, saved the day

Chapter 8   Brenner Pass

Chapter 9   Gunfights -- Enemy Ground/Surface Forces

Chapter 10   Rhone Valley

Chapter 11   Mindoro Beachhead

Chapter 12   Trail of Gun Smoke

Chapter 13   A Salute to Those Who Followed -- Korean War, Vietnam War, and beyond

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  *This book is dedicated to making heretofore unsung history -- and the duty, valor and sacrifices
of pilots/aircrews and ground crews -- much more widely known and appreciated.*
      Allied Strafing
     in World  War II
A Cockpit View of Air to Ground Battle
William B. Colgan
First ever Book dedicated to
- history, combat action, gun camera
                                                                  This is written by a pilot, about him and other
                                                    pilots/aircrews flying and fighting as "strafers," in
                                                    their air war in the deadly low-altitude skies where
                                                    they fought with aircraft guns/cannon in battle
                                                    with the enemy and his weapons on the ground in
the fighting called "strafing." Many specific actions and missions, primarily World War II but salutes
others wars too, heavy on firsthand accounts and backed by extensive gun camera film evidence,
combine to show both strafing's major role in war, and a prime core story of warrior duty, valor and
sacrifice -- what it was like. The primary goal of this book is that readers will learn a lot of things
about strafing and strafers that books, media, movies and even video games have not previous told
and shown -- and may their history be better known and thankful for.
William B. Colgan, Colonel, USAF (Ret); inductee 1996 Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame, "Top Fighter-
Bomber Pilot:" World War II, Korea, and Vietnam; author of "World War II Fighter-Bomber Pilot", now
in 3rd edition, text at U.S. Air Force Academy and praised as "definitive, tells our story" by
fighter-bomber pilots and ground crews; now lives with family Florida.       
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Allied Strafing in World War II
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