Colgan,"Strafing"- "Fighter-Bomber"

      Our readers have a heartfelt wish for the American People
                                   about air war history

   That special wish comes from feedback from many of our thousands of readers from 1985 to present.
That covers readers of our published and in print books, "World War II Fighter-Bomber Pilot" (now in 3rd
edition) and "Allied Strafing in World War II"; and in aligned articles by William B. Colgan, Jr. in World War
II Magazine, in reports of French Associations ARSA and A.N.A.C.R. and in authorized reprints.

   Praise comes from historians, educators and buffs stressing vital history, long overdue, richer for it; and
used as a textbook, here and abroad, including the U.S. Air Force Academy. The public is amazed, didn't
know that, it's so unsung -- while engrossed in the gun camera film. Combat pilots and ground crews,
those who the books are about, are unanimous in declaring it accurate, lucid, definitive and it tells our
story. Their view of strafing is a priceless and crucial combat art in fighter-bomber history.

   We are most pleased and grateful. So are our readers -- for themselves -- but they have an entrenched
wish remaining. The following reader explains:

   "I have just completed reading Fighter Bomber Pilot for a second time ... I wish, that more Americans
could realize the part the Fighter Bombers played on the road to victory -- it was a colossal achievement --
it was stupendous. That was some war you (pilots and ground crews) fought." (From a highly decorated
WW II B-17 crew member, also an author on the war)

   Another reader expressed it this way: "I am glad I picked up and read this book ... it would have been a
shame if my family and I had never known what you brave fighter bomber guys did in the war  --  and for
us to be thankful for it." (From a lady who saw the book on a table at a WW II unit reunion and read it in
the hotel lobby)

   Family members of combat veterans, and families who lost members in war, especially are in full
agreement with the above readers.

   Our reader's feelings over the year's evidences a majority added that solid desire, and hope, that the
unsung history -- duty, valor and sacrifice -- of our "fighter-bomber and strafer guys" be made much better
known and appreciated by the American people.

                                                                Our Reader's Wish
Our Readers Wish
  For The American People