Your the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me
Sixty-Eight Years Together, Then, Now, and Forever
Mom and Dad...That says a lot to us
     William B. Colgan and Anita L. Allen, were married July 24th, 1943, during
World War II. High school sweethearts, from Waycross, GA. Their epic lives
together are aw inspiring. As He was in combat during three wars, She held the
home front. In a career military family with duty stations in the USA, Europe and
the Pacific. And into retirement, their Love and commitment never wavered. Mom
and Dad to children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, friends to many.
They have been a true American inspiration, and prove...
                                          LOVE NEVER FAILS...
Please share with us some of the thousands of
treasured photos...from over sixty-eight years.
"Mom and Dad, That Says A Lot To Me"
Written and performed by William B. Colgan Jr
for their 50th anniversary in 1993