Colgan,"Strafing"- "Fighter-Bomber"
      Colonel Colgan, Director of Operational
Requirements, Tactical Air Command, with
General Dynamics Executive, F-111, 1960s
      Colonel William B. Colgan, USAF.    
Commander, 326 Air Division, Pacific Air
Forces, 1970s.
      Colonel Bill Colgan, USAF (Ret) at
home, in Florida.
All photos are: U.S. Air Force or the author.
     Captain Bill Colgan and wife Anita (Allen) were married on July 24,1943 before
he went overseas. Shown here in late spring 1944, they were in their hometown of
Waycross, Georgia. This was while Colgan was on a special trial 30-day leave from
the MTO. Rather than normal rotation home -- the trial leave was after a pilot
completed 100 missions or more, 30 days at home, then back to same theater and
same unit for more combat. Colgan went back to Europe; and Anita on her home
front job of night manager of Western Union, where among many telegraphs each
night, were the Army and Navy casualty reports -- of which, the next in could be on
her husband or brother.
     They purchased this 1941 Plymouth on the 30-day leave. For Bill it was an extra experience in
home front living. They owned a comparable 1941 Ford before Bill went overseas, cost new $990.00.
This used one in 1944 cost $3,000.00 with tires so worn "you could see the air in them." But "our
hometown" came up with useable tires (if not matched) and this Plymouth was dear on the leave
--.and on for several years after the war, a favorite of all cars ever owned.
Colonel William B. Colgan USAF (Retired)
From Baseball Pro & Locomotive Fireman
     Top Fighter-Bomber Pilot
                (1920-    )
Enshrined to the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame
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