Colgan, "Strafing"-"Fighter-Bomber"
    A railroad wrecker, valuable to the enemy to keep rail lines clear,
always well protected with automatic weapon flak. This pilot is putting his
strafing fire into the wrecker cab amid a hail of enemy ground fire -- a
strafing gunfight.
    All sequence of stills are shown from bottom to top, with the
caption at the bottom, so a reader can see the action in the same
order the pilot flew and saw the action.
    A German airfield. A low altitude pass, this pilot strafed the enemy
airplane left center and is now trying to get his guns on the Me 109
fighters to the right with his wingtip dragging the grass in a high "g" turn.
Max flying performance strafing.
Some of these still pictures are taken from the World War II Strafing Video, included in website
Gun Camera Film
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