Gun Camera Film
    This is the first time the special collection of P-47 gun camera film by the 86th Fighter Group --
that is a major part of this book -- has been published. Still prints from VHS and DVD copies of the
old black and white 16mm movies are used extensively. Examples are show here and on following
pages. All sequence of stills are shown from bottom to top, with the caption at the bottom, so a
reader can see the action in the same order the pilot flew and saw the action. Other examples are
single stills showing various action.
    This German Army staff car is passing a horse-drawn-vehicle as this pilot
pounched on it and hits it with accurate fire of his eight 50-cal machine guns
-- car (with probable High ranking officers) are kaput. Get there quick strafing,
don't let it get away.
    A single German truck is attacked by this pilot using pin point
shooting on target -- it and its cargo destroyed, no wasted rounds --
good strafing.
Some of these still pictures are taken from the World War II Strafing Video, included in website
Gun Camera film
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