Essential Facts, Often Unknown, in
                                    World War II
                 Strafing and Fighter-Bomber Combat

     Based on 28 years experience with thousands of readers (including military, war veterans, historians,
librarians, writers, educators, buffs and the general public) of Colgan-Books -- we stress these crucial facts
in WW II Strafing and Fighter-Bomber combat that are detailed in our books.

The History. It is combat history; air warriors and their units in specific actions as experienced; tactics
and results as happened. Our books are not high-level doctrines, concepts, roles or strategies; not
intended to be. No readers have ever questioned historical facts of our text.

 About "awesome." The majority of our readers were unaware before of the variety and scope of
strafing and fighter-bomber exciting actions and did not know details or was misinformed. Readers overall
say prior books, media and even video games did not inform them: and some, like movies, mislead.

 About "our story." Combat veteran readers (pilots, aircrews, ground crews and ground forces) are
unanimous supporters of these books as "tells our story." Many adding: accurate, lucid, definitive, overdue
and with thanks.

 About "an art." Most readers now join strafing and fighter-bomber pilots in considering the flying and
fighting a deadly "top-gun" art. Many adding: amazing; the complex cockpit tasks; judgments and skills
involved; plus 30% battle loss of unit aircraft a month and 25% pilot loss KIA.

 About "our readers" A common judgment: "we are richer for these books;" which readers treasure,
especially dear to families and friends of combat veterans, and those who lost a loved one in action.

This website has more on all this, including a consensus sincere  Readers
, which is: "We wish that this courageous history of strafing and fighter-bomber action becomes better
known and appreciated by the American people.